Time to Spring Clean!

Its time to Spring Clean!

Well it looks as if spring is definitely here! After being cooped up indoors all winter its time to fling open the windows and let in the bright spring sunshine.

Unfortunately the new season’s sunlight may also show up dust, dirt and stains that have accumulated over the winter. Its now time to get rid of the cobwebs and start your annual spring clean, but where do you start?

How to choose a quality upholstery cleaning company in Bristol

How to choose a quality upholstery cleaning company in Bristol

When looking for a company to clean some upholstery in your home how can you make sure you choose a quality upholstery cleaning company? And why does this matter? Here we share tips and insights into how to choose a quality upholstery cleaning company in Bristol

Most common carpet cleaning questions

Most Common Carpet Cleaning Questions

During our work as a professional carpet cleaning company across Bristol and South Gloucestershire there are several questions that come up most frequently. These most common carpet cleaning questions are as follows:

Leather cleaning

Leather Cleaning

Buying leather furniture for your home is a big investment, regular cleaning is crucial to make sure your furniture stays looking good and the leather remains in good condition!

Leather furniture needs to be kept clean and conditioned to prevent ingress of dirt and grease and to stop the leather becoming brittle and dry.

cat scratch leather repair

Cat scratch leather repair

Has your cat scratched your leather furniture? If so call Bonne Fresh Clean to find out more about our cat scratch leather repair service.

Here is an example of some of our recent cat scratch leather repair work:

Leather furniture care

Leather furniture care

Leather furniture needs to be looked after if you want it to look and feel good for years to come!

Not looking after your leather furniture from day one can quite quickly result in all or any of the following – generally grubbiness, dryness, grease penetration, dye transfer from jeans and clothing and leather that is generally more porous than before.

Red wine spillages – the do’s and don’ts

Red wine spillages – the do’s and don’ts

Only too often we are called in to deal with a red wine spillage after the home owner has unsuccessfully tried to deal with the problem themselves… There are lots of myths about what to do when you spill red wine on a carpet, so here we deal with Red Wine Spillages – the do’s and don’ts.

Professional upholstery cleaning Yate

Professional upholstery cleaning Yate

Is your sofa looking grubby? Are your couch arms looking greasy and soiled? Are there dark marks on the head rest of your favourite arm chair? If your furniture is looking in need of professional upholstery cleaning Yate, then call Bonne Fresh Clean today!

Professional Leather Cleaning

Professional Leather Furniture Cleaning

Are you looking at your leather furniture and thinking that it doesn’t look quite as good as it did when it was new? Is it looking dirty, shiny, grubby or scratched? Time to call in a professional leather cleaner…

Pet urine removal

What should you do if your pet urinates on your carpet? Need pet urine removal advice?

Here is a recent example of a dog urine stain which we successfully removed from a customers carpet..